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final class project:    Eat This Zine link

written by student Melissa Kuo

“Eat This! : the art, politics, and curating of food” taught by Jessica Rath was an amazing fine art class I took last spring semester. Food at EVERY class, frequent field trips, talking outdoors, flexible syllabus based on what we were interested in, small class size (only 8 of us!!), great and engaging teacher, fun and unique classmates, and a super interesting topic made for like…the dream class. Though Lily Sin and I were the only designers in that class of fine artists, we learned a lot and loved the class.

Naturally, being an asian that takes pictures of food, there are pictures from every class we had hahaha. Here is the album of the things we ate and the places we went 😀

– Campus tour of plants, tour of our cafeteria kitchen
– Bring in an interesting/unique flavor to class
– Foraging: walking around campus with a professional forager to see what plants were edible or had healing properties
– Field trip to San Gabriel Mission for an archaeological dig/garden
– Scoops to test the ice cream flavors we invented
– Field trip to Cookbook in LA (grocery store/restaurant)
– Chris’ art gallery exhibition
– Field trip to Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena
– Eat This! Zine release and ice cream party
– Food as Foreplay: field trip to our teacher’s house for aphrodisiacal foods and films with that topics o-O HAHA.