“like the sound I hear when I’m breathing underwater, for a moment the outside goes away.  .  .  .”

What is that intimate whisper at waking? A bird outside. A handsome stranger sleeping. The baby inside her. Using recordings of strangely robotic andbeautiful songbirds and the stuttering lyrical drone of her infant’s and other human sleep sounds, the artist, in collaboration with composer Robert Hoehn, created song to snore, a full room installation that enveloped the viewer in an amplified sensory experience. The Torrance Museum project space was split by two twelve foot, floor-to-ceiling, sound-proofed spiral walls, leading the viewer through a labyrinth, cushioned with the thick sound of mysterious transitions from song to sleep.

song to snore was exhibited in 2008 at Torrance Art Museum (director and curator Kristina Newhouse).