Based on stumps found surviving between LA sidewalks, these amputated torsos are caught in some asphalted corner, persistent signs of a somewhat deformed life. carry on stump is suspended in tar and asphalt and lives through an acrid rubber growth stemming from its cut root. On wheels, this section of city life can be carried with the attached rope, a rather sad city pet, yet endearing for its oblivious endurance.

Left over palm fronds, adrift in the city’s gutter are part of the vast expanse of dusty trash that fills the gutter. The meticulously silver-leafed palm frond frondeur keeps two visions of LA, the pedestrian view of a transplanted malcontent stumbling over dozens of rotting palm leaves by day and a gilded city, where elegant ideas need just a simple twist and to rest at the right angle to be noticed for their beauty.

Some of this work was featured in the group show “Fair Exchange” in 2006 at the Millard Sheets Gallery on the LA County Fairgrounds by curator Irene Isatsos.